Sign Dump


So, it’s not like I never finish anything…I do, I do.


Here’s a long overdue sign dump. I figure that sign art gets kind of boring to look at after a while, so I haven’t posted much as of late. Still, it’s interesting to see how much I’ve improved since taking over this position almost two years ago. I’ve learned a lot, I’ve developed style and speed, and everyday I’ve become more comfortable with my abilities.



Sometimes I feel like there’s a latent graffiti artist lurking inside me…It seems to be where my letters and numbers are heading!

Line Boys


Ok, ok, it’s another WIP…But it’s progress!



If there’s anything I need to get better about doing when it comes to digital art, it’s refining my lines before I go to color. So I’m kind of proud of these lines. They aren’t perfect, but they are much more “finished” than my lines tend to be when I do digital works.

The-guy-on-the-left’s eyes are still totally bugging me, though…

Digital Exercise

One of my on-going goals has been to do more digital painting.  So…Here’s a little exercise.



There’s about a million things wrong with this, but – like I’ve said – it was a nice exercise. I learned a lot.

Each digital work I’ve done has taught me something so it’s never a wasted effort!

This was drawn and painted in Paint Tool Sai with a bit of editing in Photoshop.

Fun Fact: The dress the girl is wearing was inspired by an outfit I saw a plaintiff wearing on The People’s Court one day. The woman was considerably heavier, but it made for a good outfit on this lady. xD

Have Some Pie


This is a bit of a WIP, but – for all intents and purposes – it could go up like this so I won’t label it as such.



Behold our new Pastry section topper. It’s a pseudo-parody/homage of a famous local business so I hope it doesn’t piss anyone off. It’ll be easy enough to change it if that happens, but I really hope it doesn’t come to that.



The desserts and crown were done on foamcore primed with chalkboard paint. I’ve had a bit of a troubled relationship with the stuff, but since figuring out that I could prime it working with it has become much more pleasant.

I’m thinking of maybe adding two more small desserts to this, but we’ll see.

What’s Cookin’


I plan on re-doing this someday (as well as capturing a better shot of this) but here’s our new Demo board placeholder:



This was heavily referenced from this Demo Board I found on a Google image search, so credit for this pose must go to that TJ’s artist!

My main reason for wanting to redo this really just comes down to my own nitpicky perfectionist tendencies, but it will do for the time being.

Throwback Thursday #4


I don’t do these nearly enough. It’s fun to look back sometimes.



This is a drawing of an avatar I had over on Gaia Online waaaay back in 2006 (though I probably created him years prior to that). It’s interesting to note that it wasn’t until I started doing more digital works that my drawing process began to change (for the better!). Most notably, back then I would simply draw things in one pass. I wouldn’t sketch it and then trace back over my sketch before putting down the inks. It resulted in stuff that, to me, looks stiff and stilted and not fluid – which is how I prefer my works to look.

I’m not saying this is a bad drawing per se…I just often wonder how just a – slight – bit of training back then would have affected me. Maybe I wouldn’t have given up drawing for as long as I did?

Que sera, sera.

Cat Tag


I’m gonna try to post more of these, as they’re probably among the funnest things I get to do. Since losing our copy shop, I’ve had to get more creative with tags.



Pardon my legs in this one…



This is, admittedly, a very quick sandwich board. Probably took me about half a shift. It’s not as exciting as it could’ve been, but when you’re pressed for time you just make do and get the art out there.



I picked the most stereotypical “American” foods I could think of…Bleh. So much beige. I am happy, however, that I opted for pink lemonade and not yellow. That may have looked less than appetizing…

The Big O.


I’m pretty much only posting this because it’s only recently that I’ve become confident in my Trader Joe’s font.

It’s not a straight-up 100% imitation of the font, but I think that I’m now, at least, capturing the spirit of it.