Throwback Thursday #5

Ok, time for another Throwback Thursday!  Let’s call this the Inked Edition.


Hoo-boy, this is an old one (from 2003!).  Proof that not all I draw is animu, here’s Nightcrawler from The X-Men.  I think I based his look here on how he looked in the 80’s.  It was a good look.  Admittedly, I haven’t read a heck of a lot of X-Men, but of the little bit I have I did quite enjoy it.


Aaaand…Well, this is embarrassing.  I actually drew anime-styled fan art of a children’s show that, I think, aired on Disney back in the very early 00’s.  It was called The Doodlebops and these three main characters had blue, purple and yellow skin.  I drew this in 2006, which was right around the time I sorta lost my drawing mojo.

Throwback Thursday #4


I don’t do these nearly enough. It’s fun to look back sometimes.



This is a drawing of an avatar I had over on Gaia Online waaaay back in 2006 (though I probably created him years prior to that). It’s interesting to note that it wasn’t until I started doing more digital works that my drawing process began to change (for the better!). Most notably, back then I would simply draw things in one pass. I wouldn’t sketch it and then trace back over my sketch before putting down the inks. It resulted in stuff that, to me, looks stiff and stilted and not fluid – which is how I prefer my works to look.

I’m not saying this is a bad drawing per se…I just often wonder how just a – slight – bit of training back then would have affected me. Maybe I wouldn’t have given up drawing for as long as I did?

Que sera, sera.

Throwback Thursday #3



This was drawn in the midst of a very turbulent time in my life,  I think 2009 or so.  I’d gone back home to visit my Dad for a few days and just decided, one night, to stay up late and draw.  It was what I used to do on a nightly basis when I was growing up, but hadn’t done in some time.


I based this off of an old drawing I found stuffed into a folder in my childhood room – sort of a re-do, if you will.


Anyway, I get a bit warm and fuzzy looking at this because it reminds me of a time when I was getting my shit back together and doing what I loved again.

Throwback Thursday #2


I was going through my files today and stumbled upon this very embarrassing little gem:

click for bigger, if you dare

Yeah, ten years ago I was still pretty hardcore into drawing inappropriate fan art of Pokemon characters. This is/was James from Team Rocket. I even attempted a sloppy digital color job:

The less we say about this, the better. xD

Ok, quick, something else to cleanse the palate!

click for bigger


This is also from ten years ago, though not quite as mortifying. This was right around the time I started giving up on art and looking back, I really wish I hadn’t. I just think I needed someone or something around to motivate me at the time because it’s clear I didn’t totally suck.

Well, that’s it for this Throwback Thursday! ‘Til next time.

Throwback Thursday #1


Bandwagon time!


In case you haven’t heard of it, there’s this thing on the internet called Throwback Thursday.  It’s an internet trend where people share photos and/or other nostalgia from their pasts with others online.  This is mostly done on sites like Facebook and Instagram, but I don’t see why I can’t do it here, too.  It’s very fitting for this blog.


So without further ado, here’s some oekaki drawings I did when I was 18.  Both of these were drawn before I got my tablet, and I have to admit while I do think they are kind of lacking in composition, I’m impressed that little 18-year-old me was able to do these with a mouse (these were also my very first foray into ever attempting anything digital).




This was an original character I came up with that’s still – in some form – part of one of my current projects.  I think this oekaki is definitely a case of the parts being better than the whole.  Some parts I like, some parts mortify me even now.


Ok, one more:



Full disclosure:  Yes, I used a reference for this.  Although, looking at it now, it’s clear I changed a lot of things about it in the process:



I wish I knew who actually took this pic so I could properly credit them, but even the news article I found this on didn’t credit the photographer :/


LOL.  I didn’t even bother to remotely match the dimensions of the original, so it’s no wonder my version isn’t so much a direct ref as it is a very strange looking re-interpretation.


That’s it for this Throwback Thursday.  I can’t promise I’ll do these every week, but I certainly had fun making this post and look forward to more of these in the future.