I have a propensity for drawing anime boys. I’ve been sketching, doodling, and illustrating them for over ten years. It comes naturally to me and I love it. I love them.

It’s what drives me, really.

However, I’m constantly waffling between how “realistic” I want my anime boys to look, and it, thusly, makes it hard to get my comic ideas going.

Getting closer, though, forreals.  One day at a time!

So this is a creation from mine, from an unnamed comic project.  I think I drew him a little bit drunk.  I mean I was drunk when I drew him…Gah!

NSFW warning: If you click on the full, you get a full view, even though I didn’t illustrate the naughty parts.

Magazine Scribbles


Just some realism practice. Pencil on sketchbook paper. Referenced from an US or People magazine late last year when I went home for the holidays.


Exercises like these really help when it comes to, well, everything – be it graphic design, illustration or animu or whatever.

I also like to draw selfies in front of the mirror, but those are usually pretty freaky so I don’t post them often.

Self Draws


I should do these more.


Drawings from life, that is.



Self Draws are the best when they’re little quickies. This probably took 30 minutes or so.


And here’s just the lines sans the digital wash.


Scribblin’ New Year’s!

Happy belated New Year’s, old blog ‘o mine!


I haven’t abandoned you, I promise!  I’m drawing more than ever, actually.   Sketching almost every night – notebooks of sketches! Creatively, I’m getting closer to where I want to be.


If things keep going this way there may be some sequential works in the near future!


Anyway, here’s some very rough sketches of an OC of mine:



‘Til next time, blog!

Scribble and a Ref Pic Rant


I’m fighting off a nasty chest cold.  I must have some scraps lying around…


Ah, here’s a no ref pic Paint Tool Sai doodle.



I swear, I used to draw James Iha, selfies, and Pee-wee Herman all the time and all my realish-animu people come out looking like some amalgam of that.


While on the subject of ref pics, though, I will say this:  I need to use them more.


Believe me when I say that I am in no way trying to act superior when I note that I haven’t used a ref.  If I’m messing around, it’s just easier not to.  And, to be honest, I feel weird using refs that aren’t 100% my own.


On the flip side, I don’t think one should rely so heavily on refs.  It’s good to use them, yes, but if you fail to credit your refs or just full-on trace them and pass them off as your original work this is a problem.  This appears to be a very common practice with young artists these days.  On tumblr alone, I see countless tracings and photomanips each day – with no credits or mentions given, just deceptively passed off as original works.  With the adulation some of these artists get from their followers, it’s easy to see why they do it.


It’s a practice that I find as revolting as musicians who use samples and pass it off as their original music.


Tracing another’s work in private for the practice?  That’s fine.  Just don’t go posting that shit on the internet later and claiming it as your original work.  Same thing goes for copies of photographs that you didn’t take.  Credit that shit.


TL;DR, had to get that off my chest, though.


So yeah, if I’m messing around, it is just easier (and lazier of me) to go at it “free.”  Wow, did I really just quote Free!  Iwatobi Swim Club!? 


Not sure if I’ll ever really “finish” this, because I like me some sketchy no-frills digital doodles sometimes.