Let the Fall Begin.

Aesthetically-speaking, Fall is my favorite season at work when it comes to drawing and decorating.

Scarejoe returns!

I drew all of this last year, but I don’t think I ever posted a picture of the final display. I was – miraculously! – able to re-use these foamcores. I just had to clean them and give Scarejoe something “new” to say.



I totally recycled that $7.99 from a previous chalkboard, but had hella fun with the lettering on this. And, yes, that is a Pokemon. That was fun, too.



I’m getting really sick of writing the word “pumpkin,” but had fun doing this one, too.

Have Some Pie


This is a bit of a WIP, but – for all intents and purposes – it could go up like this so I won’t label it as such.



Behold our new Pastry section topper. It’s a pseudo-parody/homage of a famous local business so I hope it doesn’t piss anyone off. It’ll be easy enough to change it if that happens, but I really hope it doesn’t come to that.



The desserts and crown were done on foamcore primed with chalkboard paint. I’ve had a bit of a troubled relationship with the stuff, but since figuring out that I could prime it working with it has become much more pleasant.

I’m thinking of maybe adding two more small desserts to this, but we’ll see.

I know it’s another scroll…




But seriously, the first version I did of this looked so raggedy when I put it up. Foamcore tends to warp and look really unpolished if it isn’t cut or positioned just right.


Scrolls…they just tend to look more polished and if they bend, well, at least it makes sense.


The little Wally and baseball are actually laminated sharpie drawings on paper.  They still won’t get me the art markers I want.  Sigh.

Talkin’ Turkey



It’s that time of year again.  Already, OMG.


Paint marker on primed foamcore. No sketch. I’m not sure why I always go at these balls-out, but it seems to be a better process for me.


This is to be a “topper” for our display chalkboards around Turkey time. I’m actually really glad I snapped this shot before I shellac-ed it, because the shellac I used made it kind of dark and spotty. :/