Another Creep


Hunter X Hunter ruined my life.



So I’ve been slacking on the updates here as of late, because, admittedly, it’s much more rewarding to post stuff that gets viewed.

My tumblr, once again:

I will still keep this as a more current portfolio of sorts…But damn, those notes and reblogs are nice for the motivation, y’know? xP


I may do a series of all the Neon Genesis Evangelion pilots in chibi form, with flowers.

I dunno, they’re fun to do and all girly-pretty colors ‘n junk.

By the way, I finally broke down and made a tumblr for my drawrings…Sort of a mirror, of sorts. That actually gets views. xD




I’m truly upset at myself for letting two months go by without an update.  It’s not like I haven’t been drawing.

Um, here’s a WIP for now (And boy, I’ve sure got a crapload of ‘em.):



If it looks “tracey” it’s because I drew and re-drew that sketch over a billion times.  It’s a look I like, as long as it’s honestly done.  Like, if this were a traced photo or something…nuh-uh.  Cheeeeating.  But I’ll trace over and re-draw my own works ’til the cows come home.

But I digress.

A webcomic I’d been following for, like, four years just ended its run recently.  It’s not like I was a huge fan of it – the comic had its share of problems – but I respected the artistry and work ethic behind it.

The fact that they just ENDED it (prematurely, mid storyline!) – I dunno, it’s kind of given me the much-needed-kick-in-the-butt to get going on my own work.  It’s like, what am I waiting for?  My comic will never be perfect in the beginning, and if I keep putting it off it’ll never, ever happen.

It’s a good way to start off the year I guess.  Hopeful.  Motivated.  Hopefully, I’ll keep this motivation going full-steam.

Line Boys


Ok, ok, it’s another WIP…But it’s progress!



If there’s anything I need to get better about doing when it comes to digital art, it’s refining my lines before I go to color. So I’m kind of proud of these lines. They aren’t perfect, but they are much more “finished” than my lines tend to be when I do digital works.

The-guy-on-the-left’s eyes are still totally bugging me, though…

Digital Exercise

One of my on-going goals has been to do more digital painting.  So…Here’s a little exercise.



There’s about a million things wrong with this, but – like I’ve said – it was a nice exercise. I learned a lot.

Each digital work I’ve done has taught me something so it’s never a wasted effort!

This was drawn and painted in Paint Tool Sai with a bit of editing in Photoshop.

Fun Fact: The dress the girl is wearing was inspired by an outfit I saw a plaintiff wearing on The People’s Court one day. The woman was considerably heavier, but it made for a good outfit on this lady. xD

Self Draws


I should do these more.


Drawings from life, that is.



Self Draws are the best when they’re little quickies. This probably took 30 minutes or so.


And here’s just the lines sans the digital wash.


Madoka Joe


This could almost count as a “Throwback Thursday” (a day late) but since this is only two years old, I don’t think it qualifies.

This was my first project for Trader Joe’s:

click for full size

This was a decal posted in the front window over Anime Boston 2012 weekend (our store is directly across from the convention center where it is held each year).

This was drawn entirely in Photoshop over a long weekend. It was a learning experience, to say the least. The food products were reffed off of various photos I had taken, but I completely recolored them by hand.

For the nerds in the audience: The various characters are thinly-veiled versions of Madoka (Puella Magi Madoka Magica), Nyan Cat, and a something-or-other that looks like a My Neighbor Totoro character.