Cat Tag


I’m gonna try to post more of these, as they’re probably among the funnest things I get to do. Since losing our copy shop, I’ve had to get more creative with tags.



Pardon my legs in this one…

What the Punnet


I make produce tags completely from scratch.  No template.  No printer.  I literally cut and paste together each individual tag before throwing it into the laminator.  If it gets lost, that’s it.  No backup.


Since losing our copy shop it must be done this way.  I’ve heard rumors of a printer, but no one seems to be in any immediate hurry to get me one.  Since the process of tag-making takes much more time now, it’s at least given me an excuse to add little touches and doodles.


I mean, why not?  Here’s just a couple examples.



These aren’t terribly original or creative, but drawing fruits and veggies is awesome practice (not to mention really fun!).  And they look more vibrant than the old ones.

Had to do it…


I drew a Kaworu on one of the Kaworu-esque shoe templates I made for the Boston Marathon. *shame*




I’ve made no secret of my inexplicable – if fairly recent – preoccupation/love/infatuation/ with the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion.


It took fifteen years of me avoiding this show before it got me.  And it got me, all right.


I will say this, though:  I’ll never defend EVA.  I’ll never say EVA is the best thing ever and ehrmagerd you need to watch it. I just really enjoy it for the glorious, beautiful mess that it is.


And that sentiment goes for anything else I like.  If I like something I like it.  If you don’t, I don’t give a fuck.  Why does this not seem to gel with most fanpeople?


What’s always bothered me about “fandom” and getting involved in “fan communities”  is that there is a very low tolerance for people liking or disliking things within that genre.  It’s why I stay off of sites like tumblr because any dissension from whatever the majority opinion is automatically makes you a “hater” or it means that you hate the fans of that show or manga, etc.


I don’t get it –  I don’t get how someone can take liking a show to mean that anyone that doesn’t like it sucks, or is a bad person or a hater.  I’d like to think this an affliction of only younger fans, but I’ve been around long enough to know that sadly, it isn’t.


Just had to get that off my chest.

I know it’s another scroll…




But seriously, the first version I did of this looked so raggedy when I put it up. Foamcore tends to warp and look really unpolished if it isn’t cut or positioned just right.


Scrolls…they just tend to look more polished and if they bend, well, at least it makes sense.


The little Wally and baseball are actually laminated sharpie drawings on paper.  They still won’t get me the art markers I want.  Sigh.